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Many believe coal has passed it's zenith and soon the last train will roll. Probably so, but without coal there would have been no industrial revolution and no modern life. Coal provided the electricity and steele to build our future. Fortunes were made and lost by King Coal, a cycle that will continue to the final bell.

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TWO COAL MINES FOR SALE. If you would like to acquire high quality, permitted coal reserves that you can start mining immediately, for prices reminiscent of the early 1900's here you go!..
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FOR SALE! Kentucky Operating Mine producing high quality steam coal from both surface and auger. Produced 8,000 tons last month. Implementaion of second spread will bring to 15,000-20,000 ton/mo. Read More


We offer Mineral Rights (10 mil tons) and Surface in fee, consisting of 1,000 acres located in Owsley County, KY sell or JV.  Includes surface coal mining permit. Qualified operator available. Power Company prepared to enter into purchase contract for the coal production.
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Kentucky Mining and Equipment Company holding property lease and permit to mine pre-sold steam coal using surface mining and auger method. Approximately 2.6 mil recoverable tons... Read More


Coal Mine "all cash" sale creating severe tax liability? It may be possible to receive all cash with favorable tax outcome, even if you're not re-investing proceeds! If your mine fits following guidelines, for referral and no cost opinion email fasthorses@elkhorn.me Read More

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